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Can you make my site load in under X seconds?

The loading time depends on a few factors:

1. Which tool are you using to evaluate the speed? (GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, etc)

We would highly recommend you to choose Google PageSpeed Insight tool as it's the most reliable tool at the moment. The higher your speed score on that tool is, the higher your site ranking is.

2. Which is the connection speed of the testing tool or the user who is performing the test?

This also affects to your real speed testing and might lead to a wrong result due to a slow connection speed of the testing tool or the user's internet connection.

3. Which theme are you using? How deep customization has been done in this theme?

Your theme is a key player in your page speed. Some themes are built for performance. Using a faster theme could be the biggest change you make. It’s also a chance to clean your store – leftover code from uninstalled apps could be remained in your current theme.

If your theme has been customized too much that means there are so many CSS resources/code remains on your theme which makes your theme heavily and loading slower.

4. How many 3rd party apps are you using in your store?

Third-party apps also has very negative impact on your store.

Most third-party apps add additional JavaScript and CSS resources, which testing tool like Google PageSpeed Insights will flag here as well. In these cases, you would need to contact the app developer for more assistance on how to optimize these files. Or you should consider which apps are really important for your need to keep or replace by other ones that remains lighter code.

For instance, certain app features, when enabled, might also affect your store speed. For example, some quick view pop-ups pre-load information from every product page when a collection page loads. Loading extra data your customers aren't using can impact your store speed without adding value.

5. How is your site optimized?

It depends on how is your store analysis result and your store has been customized or optimized before or not, along with all aspects above such as the testing tool connection, theme, 3rd-party apps that you're using. Then we will check and give you a proper advice and recommendation to help your site load as fast as possible.

Our goal is to make the site not only load faster but also have a higher score on Google PageSpeed Insights.

Hope this information would be helpful for you.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 09/01/2023

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