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Customize mobile app theme

Each merchant has their own characteristic such as brand color, layout, product image size, etc. Trying to fit different types of brands into one template is completely not a good idea. Noticing this, OneMobile Theme options have been created for your best experience.

Explore theme

Theme speaks a lot to help build a customer-centric mobile app, rise the visitors dwell time, and gain sales in the best way. To find more themes:

Select Mobile App tab
Find Exploring themes
Click View all themes

Note: At the first stage, we have some basic themes for your choice. Please be patient, we are trying hard and gonna produce more.

Customize theme

At each theme, you can build your own branding identities and the app homepage.

⚙️ Branding

Branding will help to portray the right image of your business to the customers.

App name: There are two ways to add a name for the mobile app: Title text and Logo.

Title text

There is a maximum of 30 characters for the app name.


Upload files with a maximum size of 1024 KB that end in .png, .jpg, or .jpeg. Recommended size is 450 x 90 px.

Header and bottom bar: helps to change the background color and all the app's icons.

Primary button: helps to change all the button color and their text.

⚙️ Home

You are able to add-on the Search bar, Banner image, Collection slider, Product Grid on the homepage of your mobile app.

Search bar: will allow your customers to search for any products. Tap down and click Show this block to activate it.

Banner image: is the picture your visitors see when opening up the app. Similarly, if you want to have a banner, tap down and click Show this block to activate it. Additionally, the function of Navigate to will allow to managing where to be redirected after clicking the banner image.

None: keep staying at homepage and not to be redirected.
Product: navigate to a product detail screen that you select to setup for this function.
Collection: redirect to a collection that you select to setup for this function.

The banner image file is required with a maximum size of 1024 KB that end in .png, .jpg, or .jpeg. Recommended dimension is 500 x 290 px.

Collection slider: will place the slideshow of chosen collections. There is a maximum of 8 collections that you can select.

Product Grid: when Show this block and opting for one collection, the products in this collection will be combined into a grid. Likewise, a maximum of 8 products can be displayed.

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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