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Get Started with OneMobile

What is OneMobile?

Winning mobile commerce games has never been easier! No worries, OneMobile empowers you to build a stunning and high-converting mobile app within only 30 minutes.

Pick from a wide range of top-industry themes.
Customize the selected theme with the branding elements and features with zero coding skill.
Free support complex submission process to list your app on App Store and Google Play Store.
Send unlimited push notifications to boost sales and customer retention for free.

How to install OneMobile

Simply find us on Shopify App Store with OneMobile. After installing, get back on Shopify Admin and Install app to connect your store to OneMobile.

How to work with OneMobile

Imagine you have the Shopify store and wish to launch your mobile app. The general steps should be:

Access OneMobile and select the appropriate theme
Manage the app branding and design the layouts with blocks
Preview the app before officially going live
Get iOS/ Android developer accounts
Request OneMobile Team for app submission
App Review and Launch

Updated on: 09/03/2023

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