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Optimize image function is available in Premium Speed plan.
Please visit here for more information about pricing plans and check this article on how to optimize image.

We would like to offer 1,000 free images to compress/optimize and of course, it resets 1,000 free images every month for you to feel free to make use of it in order to boost your store speed.

In case, you reach 1,000 free images per month OR you do not reach the image limit yet but still want more images to compress, you could choose any favorite extra package below to increase the number of images optimized.

- Please be advised the extra images that you buy more to optimize will not be reset.
- The image optimization process will follow our rule below:
The app will prioritize optimizing 1,000 free images first. If these 1,000 free images are run out, the app will use the user’s extra images to continue optimizing.

To Buy more image:

You just go ahead to Actual Speed > click on "Buy more image" button at the bottom-left corner.

Or click on "Buy more image" button at the top-right corner on Dashboard

Pick your favorite price corresponding to the number of images that you want to buy more in Image Pricing popup

Approve the charge on Shopify system

Then, it will show a popup to confirm you have purchased for buying more image successfully so you could click on "Continue to optimize" button or just click on "Later" if you want to do it then

These extra charges will be implemented according to the One-time charge process and billed separately with monthly app charge.

Hope this helps you a lot.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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