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How can I optimize images in Swift?

I. What is optimize images function by Swift?

- Swift will transfer images in JPG/ JPEG/ PNG types into WEBP type as well as compress the image size for making it load faster.

- There are 3 options in quality of images to compress (supposed that original image size is 300KB)
Highest quality - 250KB (↓15%)
High quality - 150KB (↓50%)
Better quality - 100KB (↓60%)

- This function is for Premium, Premium Plus and Expert Care plans, users have 1000 images to optimize each month.

Optimized images can be restored.

II. Sync Images

When users initial use Optimize Images, all images of their store are synced into the app

For the new added images, users need to click 'Sync images' button to synchronize new images into the app

Users can only sync images once per day.

III. How to optimize images in Swift app?

From Speed Optimizer, choose tab Optimize Images:

1. Select one image to optimize

or click 'Optimize all images' button

or tick all the images or filter not optimized images to optimize in bulk action

2. Choose image quality to optimize and click 'Optimize now' button

3. Back to Optimize Images dashboard and check the status of optimized images

IV. Restore images

Filter optimized images or choose images need to be restored, then click 'Restore' button

Restored images can be re-optimized.
With Premium plan, you can restore optimized images within 14 days calculated from the time you optimize the image
Premium Plus and Expert Care plans have unlimited back-up, you can restore optimized images whenever you want

V. Remaining Optimization Counts and Get More

Remaining Optimization Counts is the image balance that users can use to optimize their store's images
In other words, it is the number of images left you can optimize.

Premium and Premium Plus users will receive 1000 images each month.
For example, the first time you paid charge, users receive 1000 images. 30 days later, when second charge is paid, additional 1000 images will be added.

Do not want to wait for new charge, users can buy more images

VI. Filter in Optimize Images

3 types of filter to sort images: Page, Date and Status, users can use it to manage optimized images of the store:

For more information about Optimize Images, kindly contact

Updated on: 08/06/2023

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