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How can I optimize images in Swift?

We offer 1,000 free images for you to compress or optimize per month in Premium plan and Premium plan plus.
For more details our pricing plan and features, please check here.

To start to boost Actual Speed and optimize your store, click "Let's start" button

From there, you could start optimize theme and image at the same time as this article OR optimize image first as the following:

I. Start to optimize

Turn on Optimize image > click on Optimize

We use Smarty lossy compression to optimize your image, decrease the file size of your image files with some quality loss, but this loss is usually not detectable to the human eye. Newly optimized images automatically replace original images, and original images are back-up within 30 days, regardless of whether the user uninstalls the app or not. The user data about the images are still saved even when the user has uninstalled the app.

II. Preview the result and manage optimized images

After the Image Optimization has been done, it will show a popup to inform the result

On Overview screen of Actual Speed, as the result after optimizing image successfully, you will see 3 sub-tables below:

Image Optimization sub-table displays 2 figures: Total image optimized which is the total number of Optimized images and Total image saved which is the total file size of the compressed images through the app after the optimization progress.

In case, you optimize theme and image at the same time, Theme optimization result will also be shown as Total file optimized and Total file saved next to Image Optimization sub-table.

Optimization History to show all images after optimization in detail

Optimization history: load 5 latest logs sequentially from the upper to the bottom, and from the newest to the oldest log. If it's over 5 logs, it will jump to the next page.
All logs will be saved within 30 days from the beginning, logs will be cleared automatically after 30 days.

On Optimization History, click on View details tab to see the result of the image optimization

In View detail tab, it will show you fully the list of all images including (Optimized image + Restored image + Already optimal image) on your store that Swift has counted and classified as each specific group (by type/ status) after the image optimization process done. So you could filter image by type/ status to find them easily according to your search purposes.

Filter image by the type/source of images (Product, Collection, Article, Asset)

OR filter image by the status of images (Optimized, Restored, Already optimal)

Optimized status: images which are compressed/optimized successfully by the app
Restored status: images which are restored by the user
Already optimal status: images which have been already compressed/optimized before on your store so no more optimization needed.

You could preview the optimized image by clicking on the 3 dots in the right hand corner to see how your compressed image is compared to the original image.

On Preview Image screen, you could click on Restore image or go back to Detail page, only choose images that you want to restore or tick on Select all to restore all then click on Restore button

Please be noted that all images in Optimized OR Already optimal OR Restored status will not be compressed again.

Go back to the main menu of Actual Speed, click on "Optimize now" button if you want to continue to optimize new image/theme manually in the next times

OR you could set up to optimize image automatically by clicking on the icon below to open Auto Setting popup, turn on Optimize Image then click on Save button.

OR this new designed button

At default, Optimize image and Optimize theme button is turn off.


The new image number will be updated every 24 hours automatically if you turn on this Optimize theme button. So the app will detect new images on your store that need to be optimized. If you have not turn on this button yet, it will show a popup like this picture to remind you to optimize images manually once you’re in the app. You could click on “Later” if you want to do it then.

The theme will be auto scanned and optimized weekly if you turn on this Auto Optimize theme button

In case, you have turned on Optimize image option in Auto Setting, the app will not display the popup or in-app message to remind you to optimize new images later since these new images will be optimized automatically according to the Setting.

When you reach the image limit for 1,000 free images per month, the optimization progress will be stopped, and display a notification that you need to buy more image to continue optimizing image OR you could optimize theme only. For more details about how to buy more image, please click here.

Hope this would be helpful for you.
Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 23/05/2023

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