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How can I restore my images as normal if got any problem after compressing

After you have optimized/compressed image but found out that something wrong happened on your website such as images of products on homepage, product pages get blurry, shrink, etc... Please keep calm and go to the app > Actual Speed section > choose the Log that you've already compressed image > click on View details > Detail page > Images

In Detail page > Images, it will show you fully the list of all images including (Optimized image + Restored image + Already optimal image) on your store that Swift has counted and classified as each specific tab (by type/ status) after the image optimization process done. So you could filter image by type/ status to find which image you want to restore easily.

Filter image by the type/source of images (Product, Collection, Article, Asset)

AND/OR filter image by the status of images and choose Optimized status

Find your image that you want to restore > click on 3 dots > Restore

Or at Detail page > Images, tick on Select all to restore all then click on Restore button


Please be noted that all images in Optimized OR Already optimal OR Restored status will not be compressed again.


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Updated on: 09/01/2023

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