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At the moment, we are now offering 2 types of charges as the following

Recurring application charges
These charges are for recurring use of an app, such as a monthly subscription so they will be applied when you choose any available plan in Swift. They appear on your regular Shopify subscription bill.


At the moment, we offer a FREE 7-day trial for ALL plan so you could try all features for FREE before your actual subscription. You will have to approve charge before starting your trial, but NO cost will be issued if you uninstall the app before the trial period (7 days) ends.

In case you stop trial before the trial period ends and decide to switch to other plans then you will have to approve charge again to start your new subscription and be charged for the amount of money with your chosen plan. Except Actual Speed and Perceived Speed plan, due to the same price ($19) so you just switch between 2 these plans without having to approve charge once again.

We do NOT issue the refund when you have finished free trial period, unless there are some errors from Shopify payment system.

One-time charges
These charges are for specific services provided by an app (such as a single migration of your data from one platform to another). They appear on separate bills. In Swift, it is applied for Buy more image option to help you get more images optimized if you have reached 1,000 free images limit per month OR you want to increase your need.

Please refer to this link for more detail about One-time charges.

Hope this would be helpful for you.

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