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How to customize loading?

I. What is customize loading?

Customize loading helps your website get more attraction and get it closer to your valuable customers by choosing a collection of designs, styles, setting. Furthermore, it makes your website more professional and likely to keep your customers stay longer in your site

Actually this is a great solution to bring an effective approach on your site and boost your sale as well

II. How to make it work

Turn on Swift app embeds

To allow Swift loading screen and functions on your storefront, you need to turn them on through Shopify App embeds.

Turn on "Active Loading Screen" button

Set up your setting

Template: there're two type of templates including Icon and Text
Background: you can select Solid color or Custom background
Loading Time: how long a loading screen takes to close and complete
Display: when to show the loading

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Updated on: 06/12/2023

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