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How to publish your mobile app?

Assuming you have finished building the app's layout and previewed it to ensure everything is functioning properly, let's take one more step to officially launch the app.

Go to Mobile App → Find App Launch → Complete three steps below.

Create iOS or Android developer account
Provide information for app listing
Request to launch app

↓ Keep scrolling down to see each step in detail:

Create iOS or Android developer account

An indispensable thing when launching a mobile app on behalf of its layout and brand name is developer accounts which would help you to get full control. Clicking the guidance below to see how to get them for each platform:

⚙️ Create iOS Developer Account
⚙️ Create Android Developer Account

Then, invite the OneMobile Team to that accounts as an admin. Click here to see the instructions:

Provide information for app listing

Store listing is the crucial information describing your mobile app when people search for it on the App Store or Google Play. OneMobile will request you fulfill this information thoughtfully before proceeding to submit the app.

App icon: is the logo of your app. The required size for iOS is 1024 x 1024 px, and for Android is 512 x 512 px.

App title: is the mobile app name.

💡 Select a simple, memorable name that is easy to spell and hints at what your app does. Just be distinctive! An app name can be up to 30 characters long.

App sub-title: A subtitle appears below your app’s name throughout the App Store in a smaller font. A subtitle can be up to 30 characters long.

Description: This is the body copy that will appear on your app's page on App Store or Google Play. Making sure that you are providing an engaging description that highlights the features and functionality of your app. Remember that you have a character limit of 4000 in this part

Country code, Support phone number, Support email: Provide your contact information to ensure Apple can reach out if they have further questions during the review process.

Keywords: will not appear in the listing but are used to improve search results in the App Store. You can provide a list of keywords separated by commas.

Privacy policy URL: Apple requires you to submit your website's privacy policy into App Store listings. In case you do not have one, we highly recommend you contact Shopify Support in order for them to show you the easiest way.

Once you finished filling out and pressing Save the store listing for one platform, going to the rest one and click Sync. The former data will be automatically updated.

Request to launch app

Once you are confident that already got your paid developer accounts, proceed by requesting OneMobile Team to submit the app for you. Tick the checkboxes to answer our survey and press Send request. After you complete all the above steps, our team will take over the process and follow all the procedures required to submit your app to Google Play Store and Apple Store. When the process is finished, your app will be published and you will be notified via email.

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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