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After you install the app on Shopify store successfully, you will be routed to “Choose your plan” page to select a favorite plan including 2 plans below:

BASIC ($0): Smart Preloading using Google Analytics data, Loading Screen with full customization
PREMIUM ($19/mo): grab all highlight features in Basic plan and more with Image & theme optimization, Automatic optimization, Free store speed analysis

For more details about our pricing plan and highlighted features, please check it out here.

After choosing plan, you will be directed to our app dashboard to start setting up
Example: You choose Premium plan.

Then you'd like to optimize images and theme first so that you choose Actual speed.

Go ahead to Actual Speed then just click on “Let’s start” button to start setup. Click here to learn more.

You will be guided fully about function of Actual Speed, and optimization methods as well as all steps to start optimizing your store with Actual Speed.

After viewing all information, you just click on “Choose optimization method” and ready to optimize your store.
On next screen, you could turn on “Optimize image” or “Optimize theme” or choose both ones if you want to optimize images and theme at the same time.
Under “Optimize theme” section, please select suitable methods which you want to optimize your theme, then click on “Optimize now” button.


- At default, all methods are ticked already. So please unselect methods which you don't want to choose for optimizing theme.
- More reference about all optimization methods, please click here.

If your images have been already optimized on store, the app will continue optimizing theme for a while. Also, you could explore other function while waiting for the progress finished by just clicking on “Go to dashboard”.

On Homepage of dashboard, you’ll have some quick actions like “View details” your Actual Speed result or test out all features in Premium with a 7-day free trial.

When the optimization progress has been done, you click on “View details” and will be directed to the Detail page of Actual Speed like this picture.

Here, you could have an overview of the result and do action/manage your optimized images and theme easily as this article.


Other features will be blocked once you have downgraded to Basic plan.

Hope you enjoy our Swift

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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