Chat composer has 5 main actions including:

Operators` notes
Send a file
Send an emoji
Create a discount code
Send a quick response

1. Operators` notes

- Turn on the button Operators' notes. In case you want to mention your colleague on note, please type @ to mention.

2. Send a file

- Click on the safety pin symbol and select your file from your computer. Please kindly note that your file will be limited at 10MB.

3. Send an emoji

- To liven up your chats, you can send lots of funny emoji as well as stickers.

- Especially, you are allowed to add your own stickers by clicking on the plus sign symbol. Please be advised that your file has to be within 10MB.

4. Create a discount code

Our app will sync your existing discount code from Shopify. Furthermore, you can add discount content for your code. For more detail can be found here.

5. Send a quick response

Besides some default quick response, you can create two types of response by clicking on the rocket symbol => Manage => Create new response:

General response

Your colleague can see and use this response.

Individual response

Only you can see and use this response.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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