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It's good to know how you gonna be charged for whenever you upgrade to another higher plans.

When you switch from Actual Speed (Perceived Speed) to Premium Speed which is a higher pricing plan, the charge is prorated based on the difference in price and the number of days remaining in the billing cycle according to Shopify Policy.

For example:

You begin a 30-day billing cycle on a ACTUAL SPEED plan, which is $19, and then upgrade to an PREMIUM SPEED plan, which is $34 plan on day 15 of the billing cycle.
=> You'd be charged ($34 - $19) * ((30-15)/30) = $7.5.

Simply, you upgrade from ACTUAL SPEED to PREMIUM SPEED on the same day, you'll be charged for the difference is $15 only.

In case, you are still on a 30-day billing cycle on Actual Speed plan, then switch to Perceived Speed plan, which is the same price at $19, simply you'll be charged for $19 only. If you switch to Perceived Speed after 30 days of your current billing cycle, you will be charged and start your new billing cycle with Perceived Speed plan normally.

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