What is Smart booster?

I. What is Smart booster?

Smart booster is a technique called Predictive Preloading also. By consuming data from google analytics, we analyze this mathematical data to predict the user's behavior and dynamically create a predictive model that can be used to smartly prefetch only what the user is likely to need. For instance, it predicts the most likely page a user is going to visit next on a site or which link is most likely to be clicked, so simply the app prefetch resources only when they are likely to be needed, and deliver the page instantly to users without waiting time. From that, it increase users' happiness when they experience shopping on your site

For example:
We suppose that we have a website with three pages - home, policy, and contacts. Also, we suppose that from Google Analytics we know that there's 90% chance the user to visit the policy page from the home page and only 10% chance to go to the contacts page. In this case, while the user is in the home page we can download/prefetch all the resources from the policy page so that the user's subsequent navigation could be as quick as possible. This technique is known as prefetching. When we're performing prefetching based on a prediction for the user's behavior we're applying predictive prefetching

Based on Google Analytics report, it will select which pages on your site are very likely the user clicks or hovers to preload, so there might be some small resources/ pages on the web that few users need may never be prefetched

One more benefit and highlighted point of Smart booster is to use data directly from Google Analytics to auto-prefetch/download all resources so that they are ready to serve the user once they visit your site. So this helps the user's page navigation faster and decreases the average time to load a page significantly. Since it has already prefetched resources on a page and preloaded 2s to 3s before your customers access your site. That means help your customers save their waiting time to load a page and also will boost your traffic.
While Simple Preloading, when the user hovers on the link/page before doing a click, at that moment, it leaves on average over 300 ms for the page to preload, it means only load your page faster around 0.3 s. In another way, this method will not cover all your chances if the user clicks on the page immediately without doing a hover

II. Which plan is available

Smart booster is available in Premium and Premium Plus plan.

III. How to active Smart booster

Turn on Swift app embeds

Connect Google Analytics


As mentioned above, we use data from Google Analytics to implement Smart booster, so you need to connect your Google Analytics account which you have already to your store.

In case you've set up Google Analytics enabled on your store before, select the Google Analytics profile for your store to use Smart Preloading. Make sure you select the right one, otherwise the app will not work.

Google Analytics is a tool that lets you track visitors, sessions, and other customer behavior on your store as well as monitor your store's performance beside the data available in Shopify's analytics

IV. How to connect Google Analytics

You need a Google account to use Google Analytics. If you already use Google products, such as Gmail, then you can use the same account for Google Analytics.
If you don't already have an account for a Google product, then create a Google account. You don't have to use the Gmail account for anything other than signing in and out of Google Analytics.

Here are some simple steps to enable Google Analytics to your store in case you've set up Google Analytics before:

In a web browser, open Google Analytics

Sign in with your Google account

After signing in successfully, please click on the button "Set up for free" to start

Enter your Account name in this field. Note: it's just a simple name to call your account

Click "Next" button

Fill in Property name with your Store name and choose "Show advanced options".

Turn on the option Create a Universal Analytics property

Enter your store URL and choose Create a Universal Analytics property only

Fill in your Business Information then click on Create

Accept all the terms to continue

Once you create successfully, there will be a code on the top of the page, please copy that code

Go back to your Shopify Admin dashboard > Online Store > Preference > Paste the code you copied above in Google Analytics field > Save

Once it's done, go back to Swift app > Connect with Google Analytics account

When your account has been connected successfully, it will show like this:

Done! Please feel free to contact us via live chat if you get any difficulty in setting up, we're willing to help you.

Hope this helps you a lot.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@onecommerce.io

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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