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What kind of image be able to optimize and lazyload in Swift

As you know Swift offer 2 options to optimize your store, Image optimzation (or compress image) and Theme optimization.

In Image optimzation process, we use Smarty lossy compression to compress and decrease the file size of your image files with some quality loss, but this loss is usually not detectable to the human eye.

And in Theme optimization process, we use Lazyload image method which is a technique that defers loading of non-critical resources at page load time to lazyload image on your store theme.

1. Image Otimization (Compress image)

Swift only take all product images (e.g. product thumbnail, product variant images, etc) in product pages, collection pages, article, asset which belong to your Shopify store theme, NOT optimize or compress any other image resources or from 3 third-party apps like reviews photo of reviews apps.

2. Lazyload image

Similarly, Swift could only lazyload images of products pages including variants products, NOT lazyload images from 3 third-party apps or images on Quick view, zoom, and banner on homepage.

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Updated on: 09/01/2023

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