To make sure we continue offering the best service we can, we have removed the free plan and apply the new pricing plan at the price of $15 monthly. This change will let us be able to grow our team, move up to more powerful application infrastructure and bring even more striking features to help supercharge your sales faster. Starting from January 11, 2022, the new pricing plan called All-in-One plan includes:

All premium features we've released
6 operator seats including store owner seat (optional: if you want extra seats, it'll be $5 per seat)
You will be able to enjoy 7 free trial days before paying for the monthly plan.

However, all users who installed Chatalyst prior this new update, will still be able to access all premium features for free without being charged (unless you uninstall the app and reinstall again). This is our thankful gift for all our valuable users who have been supporting us from the beginning of Chatalyst.

If you have any questions or feedback concerning this release, please don't hesitate to contact us via live chat support or email We'd love to hear from you!
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