We offer a 7-day trial so you could experience all our features totally for FREE 7 days before having final decision at the end of trial period. . Also, it's impossible to extend this trial period.

DURING your 7 days trial:

NO cost will be issued if you stop using and uninstall the app BEFORE the trial period ends.

Once the trial has started, the trial day will count down for real time from the 7th day to 0 day, regardless of whether the user is using the app, or has removed the app. If you stop and uninstall the app during this trial period, later you re-install the app and your remaining trial days of your current plan still left, you’re able to continue using the remaining trial days.

AFTER 7-day FREE trial:

The announcement pop-up will appear and if you continually use our app, please click on the button "Approve charge now". Then you will be routed to Shopify Approve charge page.
If you do not approve charge, you cannot use our app anymore.

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@perfectapps.io
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