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I. How your data will be if you switch to the other plan

Absolutely all data about optimized images/themes on your store or customization applied before are still saved.

II. How your function will be if you switch to the other plan

Unblock all features in the new plan and block all features in the previous plan



When you switch from Actual Speed to Perceived Speed, you will be blocked all features available in Actual Speed including:

Compress image (free 1,000 images per month)
Image Smart Lossy Compression
Lazyload image
Minify CSS and Javascript
Critical CSS
Preload fonts
Automatic optimizations


And vice versa, if you switch from Perceived Speed to Actual Speed, you will be blocked all features in Perceived Speed below:

Simple Preloading
Smart Preloading
Dynamic Loading Screen


If you switch from Actual Speed OR Perceived Speed to Premium Speed plan, you will have ALL features available in BOTH plans (Actual Speed and Perceived Speed).

Within 7 days trial users can switch among plans to test out all features.

III. How your plan will be charged

You will have to approve the charge again and be charged for the price of your plan that you chose. To learn more about how your charge would be, please visit this link and our pricing plan for more detail.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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