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We're offering 3 paid plans including 7 days free trial in this new version update, which are Actual Speed, Perceived Speed and Premium Speed.


Price is $19/month with 7 days free trial and highlighted features below:

Compress image (free 1,000 images every month)
Image Smart Lossy Compression
Lazyload image
Minify CSS and Javascript
Critical CSS
Preload fonts
Automatic optimizations
24/7 Technical Support


Price is $19/month with 7 days free trial including:

Simple Preloading
Smart Preloading
Dynamic Loading Screen
24/7 Technical Support


Price is $34/month (10% off) with 7 days free trial including:

All Features Actual Speed
All Features Perceived Speed
24/7 Technical support


In Optimize image feature, we would love to offer 1,000 free images per month.

Especially, at your first subscription, we're so happy to give you first 100 free images to compress within 7 days trial. After the trial ends, of course, you will continue receiving 1000 images to optimize.

In case you reach 1000 limit in this month, you could wait until next month to have 1,000 free images OR choose "Buy more images" as the following pricing to buy more image to optimize.

For more detail about the charge process for Buy more image, please kindly read this article.

When you start your first subscription, for example with Perceived Speed, it will begin with a 7-day FREE Trial, which lets you try to access all our features in Perceived Speed for FREE.
During 7 days trial, you could also switch among other plans to use and experience all specific features in all plans and absolutely for FREE. After your 7 days trial ends, you will be charged automatically on Shopify system with the amount of money of your current plan. That means from the 8th day onwards, your free trial will automatically become a paid subscription unless you cancel your free trial. For more information about trial period, please help us refer to this article.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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