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Who is the Swift Expert Team?

Our speed experts are senior Shopify developers who have 5+ years of experience regarding developing apps and optimizing Shopify sites, so we extremely understand the Shopify system and the way it works on a daily basis.

Along with that, we have learnt and researched Google Search, PageSpeed Insights and relevant performance tools, then applied it to many merchants’ stores which has satisfied a lot of customers including the ones who have left 5-star reviews in the App Store as you can see.

A lot of customers we have worked with end up being loyal Swift customers who are paying monthly fees, and still keep contacting us in case they need further assistance regarding store speed.

With all the the experience and in-depth knowledge of experts and world-class customer support service, we are confident to bring you a qualified experience in optimizing your store speed.

Should you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email

Updated on: 09/01/2023

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