The score really depends on what tool you are going to use.

If you are going to choose Google PageSpeed Insights OR the Shopify-owned Speed Score (both are based on the same engine, so the scores most likely are similar):

The score is based more on emulation than real loading speed.

These are good general tools to get ideas for performance optimization but they are NOT good for Shopify stores because stores’ scores mainly depend on the theme and 3rd app(s) you are using. Therefore, Shopify sites often get Low scores when being evaluated on these tools.

Some essential optimizations, like Lazy loading or Image optimization, might raise the score while also improving load speed. However, sometimes raising the score in an emulation-based tool can decrease actual performance.

To measure actual load speed and real performance

We will use Google PageSpeed Insight.

We highly recommend focusing on optimizing what’s important for your Shopify site first
- Lazy Loading
- Image Optimization
- Minify CSS/JS
- Preloading
- App and Theme Analysis
- Defer Video Loading
- Other small things

If you want to dive into warnings in particular above tools
- We can start a separate analysis to see if anything can be done to improve performance further + suggestions on theme/app(s).
- Your Shopify speed score might change a little bit, but we can NOT guarantee any score changes.

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